Individual Coaching Sessions: private lessons at your barn, with your own horse.

Self-Awareness Coaching Package (details to come soon!)

Equine Connection Coaching Package: deepen your connection with your horse.



  • 5 hours of one-on-one coaching with your own horse, at your place or boarding facility

  • An equine massage for your horse (includes a physical assessment)

  • Email and phone support in between sessions, as well as home exercises

  • Additional relevant resources, links, suggested readings, videos, exercises



Week 1: 1hour coaching session (foundations)

During the fist session, we assess, discuss and observe where you are and where you want to be, define your objectives and goals and explore any areas of concern or blocks. This will be either on the ground or in the saddle, depending on what activity you do most with your horse or want to improve. This is where we lay the foundation and start building a deeper connection with your horse.


Week 2: Equine massage

The massage also includes a physical assessment to identify any areas of tension, pain or limited mobility. This will allow us to know how your horse is doing physically and get a better sense of his physical capabilities and limitations, as well as addressing any physical issues he may have, improving his mobility and physical wellbeing, and reducing any mental or physical stress. A horse in pain cannot cooperate fully, either physically or mentally. Doing this early on will allow us to be aware of your horse’s physical condition so we can work with it in mind.


Week 3: 1hour coaching session (ground work)

Building trust from the ground up. During this session we establish a connection on the ground and build synchronicity with your horse. You will lead your horse safely and with clear communication through ground exercises that help fine-tune your connection with your horse. Everything you do on the ground makes it much easier to do in the saddle! This will also give you a solid base if you wish to work with your horse at liberty – body language is the horse’s primary way of communicating!

Week 4: personal practice
Groom, ride or do ground work with your horse and observe any difference in behaviour, mobility, attitude, etc. Take notes! You will also receive an email with some self-exploratory questions / exercises to do before the next session. We will touch base by phone or email to see how you are doing, discuss any issue you may be encountering and answer any question you may have.

Week 5: 1hour coaching session (seat and balance in the saddle)

We focus on your balance and awareness of the horse’s movement. This session aims at improving your riding position, your stability in the saddle and your connection with your horse at a kinetic level. This session requires engaging your core muscles - you may discover new muscles that you didn’t realize you had! Feel your horse’s movements, achieve a more proper and relaxed riding position and move together harmoniously. Most people notice a significant improvement right away during the session, and many experience ‘ah ha’ moments! …proper rising trot (without having to look down!) and bareback riding are only two of the most common examples people notice they can do much more easily.

Week 6: personal practice

Practice what you learned over the last few sessions (on the ground and in the saddle) and take note of what is working well and what you feel needs improvement. Especially if the last session was challenging for you, practice short sessions of proper position to give your muscle the time to stretch – eventually, holding the proper position will come naturally and without effort! We will touch base by email or phone and you will receive more self-exploratory questions / exercises to do before the next session.

Week 7: 1hour coaching session (subtle communication and use of aids)

Building on the last sessions where we developed our awareness of the horse’s movement, and established clearer communication on the ground, we improve the subtlety and softness of our aids while in the saddle, with a full-body perspective in mind. We continue to work on your position and utilizing your body in a gentle and clear way to request what you want from your horse, deepening your connection and relationship with your horse using limited verbal communication.  

Week 8: 1hour coaching session (fine-tuning and deepening)

Depending on your preference and your objectives, during the last session we work on any area of your choice, or any concept that you would like to fine-tune or practice more to deepen your connection with your horse. This session is a celebration of your efforts and an acknowledgement of the progress you have made over the past few weeks!