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in the Outaouais / Ottawa area

Equine Massage Therapy


Massage therapy has direct effects on the various systems of the body: muscular, fascia, nervous, cardiovascular, lymphatic and respiratory. A massage can help alleviate tensions in the body and improve movements. Although all horses can benefit from a massage (as do we!), a massage can be particularly beneficial to horses showing an obvious restriction in mobility or pain, those who have experienced a physical trauma, and those working or competing. 

How it works

At the beginning of the massage session, an assessment is done to identify areas of tension or discomfort in the body. The intensity and areas of focus for the massage are determined during the assessment and by paying close attention to the horse's cues during the massage - the horse often determines the intensity or length of time spent in a given area. A massage session usually lasts between 60-90 minutes.


A massage therapy session is $100*. A discount applies for multiple horses booked at the same barn on the same day:

  • 2 horses: $95 per horse

  • 3+ horses : $90 per horse

*Travel fees may apply if the barn is located more than 100km from Cantley, Qc.

How to book an appointment

You can use the contact form below, send an email to equi-zen@hotmail.com or call (819) 598-3059. 


Complementary Therapies

At the client's request or when deemed appropriate, aromatherapy (essential oils) and/or light therapy may be incorporated in the massage session. 


These therapies can either be incorporated in a massage or offered independently. I am a certified aromatherapist and professional member of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapy, and the light therapy equipment used was designed specifically for horses. 



EQUI-ZEN Frog Conditioner
Made with green clay and essential oils, EQUI-ZEN Frog Conditioner is a safe and naturally friendly way to help promote and maintain healthy frogs. The brush-cap applicator makes it easy to apply, even in hard to reach places. 
60ml - $18 (CDN) 

EQUI-ZEN Frog Conditioner

Where to Buy

Boutique Équestre La Petite Nation, St-André-Avellin, Québec

Mustang Saddlery, Low, Québec

Natural Horse & Hoof Care, Ottawa & Outaouais


*Shipping fee of $15 per order, anywhere in Canada